Personalized Larry™ Lights / LED Flashlights

LED Flashlights – custom printed / Custom Larry™ Lights with 8, 10, or 12 brilliant, high-power LED lights printed with your name, logo, & or message are the perfect promotional item to hand out for high-powered marketing, or just to say thanks! 

LED Flashlights Larry™ Lights Larry™2 Lights
Custom LED Pocket Work Flashlights Custom Larry Lights Personalized Larry2 Flashlights
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As Low As $7.49* ea. As Low As $12.00* ea. As Low As $19.00* ea.

-Easy to use
-10 LED Flashlight
-Portable – carry it in your pocket.
-Magnetic Clip – attach to metal when in use.
-Lightweight ABS Plastic Shell
-3 AAA batteries included!

-8 powerful LEDs
-Rotating Magnetic Clip
-Recessed LED housing
-Water-resistant reinforced plastic body design
-3 AAA batteries included

-12 High-Power LEDs
-Red Laser Pointer
-Rotating Magnetic Clip
-Water-resistant reinforced plastic body design
-3 AAA batteries included!

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Custom Larry™ Lights / Personalized LED Flashlights are the essential handyman light that is ideal for any job!  Custom printed with your information makes them perfect for any client or potential client!  It's the brilliant way to promote your brand!

*Prices are subject to change without notice, although we do attempt to keep them updated.